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Regranulates and rCompounds

Our regranulates and rCompounds are extremely versatile materials for a wide variety of markets and application processes. Depending on the application, they can completely replace virgin material.

By adding various fillers, additives, modifiers and stabilizers, we can specifically and significantly influence the properties and provide our customers with highly professional materials of consistent quality throughout the entire product cycle.

In addition to our standard program, we also develop tailor-made regranulates and rCompounds upon request in close collaboration with our customers.  



For extrusion, blow molding, rotation and injection molding applications, we offer you a variety of standard types from our own product portfolio as well as customer-specific regranulates that are produced in close cooperation with our customers according to defined recipes. The regranulates are made from pure plastic waste (post industrial and/or post consumer) and are available in the colors transparent, cloudy transparent, white, mixed color and black. On a separate production line, used films are subjected to an intensive washing and drying process before extrusion. All regranulates produced are laboratory tested and meet high quality standards.

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For various extrusion and injection molding applications in visible and non-visible areas, we offer you high-quality compounds based on recycled plastic waste (rCompound). The rCompounds consist predominantly of carefully selected recyclates (post industrial and/or post consumer) and impress with their high and consistent quality levels. Our rCompounds are often able to replace virgin material in demanding applications. To achieve the desired strength, stiffness and for instance weather resistance, additives, modifiers, stabilizers, color batches as well as talc, chalk, glass fibers or other fillers are added to the rCompounds and a tailor-made and reproducible rCompound is produced.

High quality standards


Tight delivery tolerances

Defined properties with tight tolerances according to data sheet or delivery specification

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100% reproducibility

Reproducibility through defined recipes and a secure raw material base


On-site laboratory tests

On-site laboratory tests - before, during and after production using the latest technology and a lot of know-how

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Constant quality - in every pellet we supply

Consistent processing through homogenization of the finished product batches between 12 – 25MT

Your market - our focus

Standard grades by market




Consumer goods



Tailor-made for your application

Standard grades according to processing method


Film extrusion


Profile and pipe extrusion


Blow molding


Injection molding

This is where the high-quality recyclates are created

Insights into production

Über RSH Luftbild HH Nachbarn undeutig_bearbeitet.webp

Hamburg plant - RSH Compounding


To create tailor-made rCompounds, we use our own technical center on site with two laboratory extruders in combination with the existing laboratory testing options

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance checks all incoming goods and releases them for further processing. Production is continuously monitored in the laboratory and finished batches are tested according to specifications before delivery.

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The approved raw materials for our rCompounds are homogenized before processing so that the material arrives at the extruders in a constant quality. After production, the rCompounds are homogenized again in batches of approximately 25 tons.

Modern production

We produce our rCompounds on modern twin-screw extruders with a wide range of dosage options.

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The finished products are loaded in big bags, octabins or directly in the silo truck.

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Garstedt plant - RSH regranulation

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Incoming goods inspection

When the various plastic waste is delivered, an initial visual inspection is carried out before the trucks are unloaded

Laboratory testing

Every delivery, ongoing production and finished goods are constantly monitored on site in our laboratory. Before delivery, the finished products are checked by quality assurance in accordance with agreed specifications.

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5 modern extruders

High-quality regranulates are produced on five modern single-screw extruders. Only clean post-industrial raw materials are processed in one production hall.

Professional preparation

On a separate production line, used films (post consumer) from industrial collection are subjected to an intensive washing and drying process before extrusion.

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Storage in isolated halls

The finished regranulates are stored on high racks in dry halls or, alternatively, stored directly in the loading silo.

Ready for delivery

The trucks and silo vehicles are loaded on site by warehouse and logistics.


We are here for you

Your RSH product service

From laboratory to development to technical sales, we offer you a comprehensive package of services. This ensures that you receive exactly the products from us that meet your requirements. We are happy to help.



Consistent quality for every pellet we supply

To ensure the quality of our production, we put in an effort that goes far beyond what is usual in the industry: from the careful selection of incoming raw materials to ongoing testing before, during and after production, to complete traceability of the finished products.

Our laboratories are well equipped and our employees have extensive know-how and are constantly receiving further training.

We provide you with data sheets, safety data sheets, REACH and RoHS confirmations, individually agreed delivery specifications and certificates of analysis for our products.

Test procedures & Certifications at RSH

Physical Properties

  • Density

  • Melt mass flow rate (MFR)

  • Melt volume flow rate (MVR)

  • Ash content

  • Moisture

Mechanical properties

  • Tensile modulus

  • Yield stress

  • Elongation at tensile strength

  • Flexural strength

  • Notched impact strength (Charpy)

  • Impact strength (Charpy)

  • Surface hardness

Thermal properties

  • Dimensional stability temperature

  • Heat aging resistance

  • Vicat softening temperature

Raw material analysis

  • FTIR spectrometer

  • DSC analysis

More testing options

Issuance of certificates

  • Shrinkage measurement

  • Color measurement

  • Production of plaques with grained surface

​For tests that go beyond this, we have been working for many years with MAKSC GmbH laboratory that is particularly well-known in the areas of recycling and compounding.

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Make new from old - keep recyclable materials in circulation

We have been carrying out high-quality toll processing for many well-known customers for decades.

We carry out this activity in the knowledge that our customers only want to receive 100% of their own material back with a maximum material yield.

We offer our customers regranulation, compounding and grinding of plastic production waste.


CO2e accounting

Consider the complete life cycle

Collage Certificates_V4.png

When examining our products as part of the CO2e balance, the entire life cycle is considered, from the transport of the plastic waste to be processed, through the recycling process, to the delivery of the goods to the customer.

The survey and evaluation takes even the smallest details into account and is available for every RSH product on request.

For your product - the right certificate!

Contact recyclates

Our motivation is to offer you high-quality recyclates and replace virgin material. Together with you, we want to work towards the social goal of moving more and more towards a truly circular economy. Building long-term, cooperative business relationships is particularly important to us.

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