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Professional and reliable disposal of your plastic waste

Certified waste disposal company

Industrial waste before and after use should be minimized wherever possible, but inevitably occurs during manufacturing processes and at the end of the product life cycle. We take care of the proper disposal and use the post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to incorporate it into our high-quality regranulates and rCompounds. In this way, new raw materials and products are created .


From concept to logistics to toll manufacturing

Insights into disposal


Concept. Logistics. Storage area. Disposal - from a single source


True circular economy

It is clear to us that we have to rethink things in the future. It's about keeping as many plastics as possible in the cycle. That's why for us the best basis for high-quality recyclates is certified disposal and professional selection of waste.

Certified waste disposal company since 1997

Due to our decades of experience in the plastics recycling sector and our own processing of various plastics, we as RSH are able to professionally advise our customers on the design of internal disposal processes.


Advice at your location

Our competent purchasing team will be happy to advise you on site. If you wish, we can create  disposal concepts for you. We accept waste from throughout Germany and also in many neighboring European countries.

Pick-up service and complete processing

One of the most important services for our customers and suppliers is the complete handling of logistics, including the provision of containers or other collection containers. Reliability, adherence to deadlines and professionality are particularly important to us.

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Many testing options

To quickly assess the potential uses of your waste, we have our own laboratories in our factories with many testing options.

Complex washing and preparation

On a separate production line, we process used films from industrial collections, which are subjected to an intensive washing and drying process before regranulation.

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RSH toll manufacturing

We offer our customers regranulation, compounding and grinding of plastic waste also on a toll basis.

Reliable and experienced

Our disposal partners value our reliability and years of experience. You too can benefit from our great expertise.

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Acceptance of industrial and commercial waste of various types

We will dispose of that for you

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In different forms

We are here for you

Your RSH disposal service

From toll manufacturing to disposal and logistics, we offer you a comprehensive package of services. So you can concentrate on your business.

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Keep recyclable materials in the cycle

Highest quality standards

We have been carrying out high-quality toll processing in closed loops for many well-known customers for decades. We offer our customers regranulation, compounding and grinding of plastic production waste.


Decades of experience in processing and recycling plastics guarantee that our customers' high demands for quality and purity can be met regularly and in the long term. We are very proud of the long-term and cooperative collaboration with our business partners who have their waste processed into valuable raw materials by us. We use the latest technology and all our know-how for contract processing.

Maximum yield

We carry out this activity in the knowledge that our customers are providing us with a responsible task and want to receive 100% of their own material back with a maximum material yield.

This is only possible through the highest level of organization and cleanliness in the production facilities, systematic production processes and constant quality awareness training for our employees.


This is why many companies have been commissioning us with subcontract work for a very long period of time. Well-known customers from all over Germany use us particularly for high-quality tasks and rely on RSH's extensive experience and reliability.

Your advantages

Decades of experience

Maximum organization and cleanliness in the production facilities

Contract material is kept 100% separate from other raw materials

Contact disposal

If you would like to inquire about the disposal of your plastic waste or offer plastic waste or regrind, then we look forward to hearing from you (no small quantities): 

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Phone: +49 (0) 40 767 393 - 0

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