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products ensure sustainability.

We too.

Sustainable products and entrepreneurial activity

Sustainability & environmental Protection

Ecology and economy are equally important to us. We are committed to responsibility for sustainable action and protecting our environment for future generations:


Sustainable business model: true circular economy

As a recycling company, we deal with the issue of sustainability every day by giving plastic waste a new life and returning it to the cycle as high-quality raw materials and replacing virgin plastic in various applications.


Act sustainably in the company

As a company, we rely on a certified energy management system, energy-efficient production and environmental protection.


We have been a driving force in the circular economy since 1958

Sustainable Business model

We close the recycling loop -
with up to 93% C0
2e savings compared to virgin material


Our owner family Draak has been involved in the circular economy since 1958 and today, more than ever, we consistently focus on recycling and high-quality reuse of raw materials:

  • RSH buys plastic waste and, with a lot of know-how and modern technology, gives the waste a second/third/fourth life in a new application

  • It is our daily goal to replace virgin plastic with high-quality regranulates & rCompounds

  • By returning recyclable materials to industry, RSH makes an important contribution to conserving and preserving natural resources and protecting our environment

  • Not only are high-quality raw materials preserved and recovered, but also very significant amounts of CO2e are saved, which reduces our customers' CO2e footprint

  • When examining our products as part of the CO2e balance, the entire life cycle is considered, from the transport of the plastic waste to be processed, through the recycling process, to the delivery of the goods to the customer

  • We produce our recyclates as energy-efficiently as possible and take care to protect the environment

  • With a variety of certificates, we ensure that our high standards for our daily work are confirmed annually by independent testing institutes

  • We are active in various organizations around the post-consumer and post-industrial circular economy. to advance raw material flows


CO2e accounting

Consider the complete life cycle

Collage Certificates_V4.png

When examining our products as part of the CO2e balance, the entire life cycle is considered, from the transport of the plastic waste to be processed, through the recycling process, to the delivery of the goods to the customer.

The survey and evaluation takes even the smallest details into account and is available for every RSH product on request.

For your product - the right certificate!


Certified energy management system

Acting sustainably in the company

Energy management system

With the help of our certified energy management system, which is checked by external auditors, we have already achieved a significant improvement in energy efficiency. And we have big plans for 2030 and have set ourselves strict targets for increasing energy efficiency. 


Modern production and facilities

  • Installation of modern and energy-efficient production facilities in the years 2022 - 2024

  • Insulation measures for production and warehouses

  • Return and use of process heat

  • Increased use of energy-saving LEDs as a light source

Raise environmental awareness

  • Regular and extensive training for our employees is intended to ensure that the topic of energy saving is always kept in mind in their daily work

  • Implementation of process optimizations (e.g. in material flow and to reduce travel distances with forklifters in the same period)

  • Great attention is paid to order and cleanliness so that no plastics can end up in the environment


Large-scale PV systems

  • Installation of PV systems on the roofs of the production halls in Hamburg in 2023

E-charging stations

  • Installation of the first two e-charging stations in dedicated parking spaces at the Hamburg plant in 2023


Exchange with partners

  • We talk to partners about the topic of energy efficiency. This means there is a lively exchange with other companies and the view beyond our own company is sharpened.

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