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Designed for long-lasting performance


High-quality unreinforced, mineral and glass fiber reinforced as well as heat-aging and weather-resistant recyclates for demanding automotive applications based on PIR and PCR material streams.

Raw material base with high recycling content

rCompounds made from PIR and PCR raw materials

Consistently high property levels

Homogeneous - from lot to lot


With Co2 certificate upon request

Suitable for your Requirements in the automotive sector

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Reliable even over long periods of heat influence

Under the hood

Our heat-resistant compounds also work at changing and high operating temperatures, e.g. in air filter housings and water tank covers.

Product example cowl vent grille :

RSH PP rCompound 41/30 CL 2026 MF 20 UV black 90012

  • high flowability

  • increased stiffness

  • 1,600h UV protection

  • ≥ 500h heat aging resistant on the test rod

  • Raw material base: post industrial, post consumer, closed loop


PP rCompounds for visible and non-visible parts


Mineral and glass fiber reinforced compounds are ideal for visible parts, e.g. for front grille and fog light housings. They impress with wide processing windows and smooth surfaces.

For non-visible parts, unfilled compounds & Regranulates are recommended, e.g. for license plate holders, sound-absorbing parts or fender parts.


Product example for structural parts / panels: 

RSH rCompound PP 1024 MF 20 UV black 90012

  • ≥ 700 h resistant to heat aging on the test specimen

  • UV protection 

  • high flowability

  • increased stiffness

  • Raw material base: post industrial


Odor-optimized for interior


Recycled materials in the interior?

Challenging, but not impossible. Our recyclates are, for example, suitable for covers, support parts, holders, profiles and air ducts.

Product example air duct:

RSH HDPE regranulate 5009.2 B black

  • Blow molding quality

  • low odor

  • smooth surface

  • Raw material base: post industrial


Reliable for protective parts on the vehicle floor


For large parts on the vehicle floor, wheel arch liners or reinforcement parts, we offer suitable rCompounds based on PIR and PCR raw materials. The parts serve as impact or splash protection as well as dirt traps, for which balanced and consistent property levels of the rCompounds are important.


Product example underbody protection: 

RSH rCompound PP/PE 73/20 1510 HT black 90012

  • high flowability

  • 300h heat aging resistant on the test specimen

  • no EPDM included

  • Raw material base: post industrial & post consumer

More product options

We make other products from our standard portfolio available for you to download or develop tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

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CO2e accounting

Consider the complete life cycle

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When examining our products as part of the CO2e balance, the entire life cycle is considered, from the transport of the plastic waste to be processed, through the recycling process, to the delivery of the goods to the customer.

The survey and evaluation takes even the smallest details into account and is available for every RSH product on request.

For your product - the right certificate!

Contact automotive

Our motivation is to offer you high-quality recyclates and replace virgin material.

Together with you, we want to work towards the social goal of moving more and more towards a truly circular economy. Building long-term, cooperative business relationships is particularly important to us. 

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