Uncompromising quality in recycled pellets and recycle-based compounds

…or are you still using prime virgin?

A specialist for recycling and compounding high-quality polymers, RSH sells in-house manufactured recycle grades and compounds used in extruded and injection-moulded products for wide-ranging applications in the automotive, construction, consumer goods and packaging industries. RSH products are made from clean production scrap obtained from plastics processors. Our portfolio includes standard products as well as custom products tailor-made to customers' specifications.

RSH offers value enhancement by recycling, an extensive package of services and virgin resins in trading transactions. And whatever we promise with regard to our products and services, you can rest assured: We keep our promises.

Our Products

Recycle grades

We offer LDPE, HDPE and PP recycled pellets in the colours natural, translucent-natural, translucent, white, multicoloured and black. Our product range includes standard grades with specified formulations as well as customer-specific grades developed in close cooperation with customers according to their specifications.

The raw materials we use are clean production scrap obtained from plastics processors. We also have a dedicated production line which processes used PE film from industrial sources following cleaning in a washing/drying process. All recycled resins from RSH are laboratory tested to highest quality standards.


We offer high-quality PP, LDPE, HDPE, ABS, PC/ABS and PS compounds in the colours black, white and grey. Utilizing clean production scrap from plastics converters, strict quality control and expert know-how from decades of experience in plastics processing, we create and manufacture recycle-based compounds for applications demanding highest quality and performance in the automotive, construction, packaging and consumer goods sectors. In many cases we are able to successfully realize customers' wishes for replacement of their virgin grade by an RSH compound, therefore securing them price and sustainability advantages.

Specific desired characteristics can be realized using additives, modifiers, stabilizers, colour concentrates and/or fillers such as talc, chalk, glass fibers, etc., resulting in a new product with tailor-made properties. All compounds from the RSH portfolio are homogenous and reproducible from lot to lot. Custom-engineered compounds are available in accordance with customer requirements for highest performance in application environments. Virgin resin components can be included in compound formulations if desired or necessary.

Our Markets

We supply locally and globally.

RSH operates with a strong international focus, doing business in over 30 different countries.

Recycled materials and compounds, whether manufactured in-house or supplied through trading transactions, are used primarily by customers in the following industrial sectors.

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