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Excellence in

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Recyclates, off grades


Pioneer of the circular economy in the plastics industry since 1958

... or are you still using prime virgin?

Certified recyclates

With our decades of experience in plastic recycling, we enable our customers to design their business sustainably, economically and conserve resources without having to forego high quality standards.


Find out more about RSH Regranulates and rCompounds. 

Certified disposal

The responsible use of limited resources is becoming increasingly important.

As a certified company, we guarantee you the professional disposal of plastic waste and its reuse in high-quality plastic recyclates and end uses.

Focused market approach

From industry for industry.

RSH sources used and unused plastic waste from industrial and commercial collections and uses it to produce high-quality recyclates for extrusion and injection molding applications in the automotive, construction, consumer goods and packaging industries.

Your partner for the circular economy

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Use savings potential

With sustainability into the future

Save resources

Due to our extensive experience in plastic recycling, we give plastic waste a new life in a new application instead of being thermally recycled or even landfilled.

To ensure compliance with this goal, we are certified as a specialist waste disposal company and our production processes are continually audited.

Save CO2e

We strive every day to substitute or supplement comparable types of new material with our high-quality recyclates. This exchange makes it possible to save significant amounts of CO2e. 

To prove the savings, we check individual products over the entire life cycle and have independent certificates created for savings opportunities.

Protect the environment

As a family business, we are committed to social responsibility to keep energy consumption as low as possible and to protect the environment.


To assess our energy goals, we have been operating a certified energy management system since 1997 and are investing in renewable energy sources. 


Up to 93% CO2e savings
when substituting virgin material with an RSH recyclate

Your contribution to environmental protection


About us and what moves us

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sales offers


Granulates, Regranulates and regrinds from own production and trading

Our employees – probably the most important investment


We are looking for you...

  • Do you work with companies that work innovatively with sustainable products and actively shape the future of the circular economy?

  • Would you like to work in a family-run company that values your performance and offers further training opportunities?

  • Do you value Hamburg and the surrounding area and the quality of life that comes with it?

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