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Environment & Sustainability

Processors of RSH recycle grades and compounds save valuable resources and protect the environment for us as well as coming generations. Besides generating high-quality, reliable raw materials, plastics recycling also avoids and reduces pollutant emissions. In the case of polyethylene for instance, recycling saves up to 50 % CO2 emissions as compared to the same weight of newly manufactured material (Source: "Recycling for Climate Protection" Study by Fraunhofer Institute for Enviromental, Safety and Energy Technology, carried out on behalf of the ALBA Group).

Increased use of recycled materials makes great sense as it utilizes resources sustainably and reduces detrimental impact on the environment.

Consumers as well are purchasing with increased environmental awareness, demanding and therefore promoting the utilization of recycled materials. Recognizing this trend, many plastics processors are pushing for increased use of recycle grades and recycle-based compounds in their products. Manufacturers of products incorporating recycled materials pep up their "green image" and, as a result, benefit from enhanced marketing potential.

The importance of this topic is exemplified by "New Plastics Economy", an initiative founded to build momentum towards reduction of plastics refuse and increased recycling. Included in the initiative's participants are numerous corporations of worldwide renown.

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