The Company

The Draak family, entrepreneurs based in Hamburg/Germany, recognized the enormous potential of plastics recycling in the late 1950's and began to specialize in processing clean manufacturing scrap purchased from plastics converters. Today RSH POLYMERE GmbH annually sells over 60,000 tonnes of high-quality pelletized plastics, primarily recycled and compounded resins, to extrusion and injection-moulding converters.

Flexible and innovative solutions

RSH offers customers flexible, innovative solutions with quick response and customer-personalized applications engineering. Our operational processes are highly efficient due to outstanding teamwork throughout the company. All process steps in our plant including materials transfer and storage are 100 % traceable and verifiable.

Using our extensive technical expertise and equipment line-up, we determine the raw material properties and process parameters required to meet and exceed your manufacturing and quality requirements. We draw up a resin specification for you which is customized for your production facility and strengthens your value chain.

Our staff pledges to precisely comply with specifications agreed upon with customers and to continuously monitor this compliance. RSH is recognized as the quality leader in the plastics recycling sector. If you need 100 % recycled resin in large quantities with constant quality within narrow tolerances, we are the people to come to. With regard to quality, RSH recyled resin products can compete on even terms with virgin resins. From economic and ecological standpoints, they are in fact frequently better because their production offers greater cost-saving potential and up to 93 % reduction in CO2e emissions – therefore providing CO2e footprint benefits for downstream processors.

Company Management

The management of the company, the third generation of the Draak family, embraces traditional Hanseatic values such as prudent business judgement, financially sound growth, good faith in all dealings, win-win business relationships, fairness and dependability.

  • "Achieving consistently high quality in compounds and recycle grades made exclusively from clean production scrap requires great care, day-in and day-out, as well as in-depth plastics know-how. Our 60 years' experience in the plastics recycling business ensures customers big competitive advantages."

    Swen Draak, Managing Director

  • "Our production lines were designed in specific accordance with our experience and particular requirements. What is of prime importance here is having full control over the entire process chain. Our highly motivated staff at RSH are the basis for our success. The driving force behind our activities every day is customer satisfaction with us and our products."

    Swen Draak, Managing Director