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Environment & Sustainability

By recycling plastics, RSH verifiably contributes to conservation and protection of finite natural resources today and for generations to come. When recycled, plastic scrap – instead of being incinerated or discarded in nature – is returned to a useful and sustainable utilization cycle. The process recovers high-quality raw materials for reuse while at the same time avoiding substantial CO2 emissions. This has been proven and confirmed by assessments made in collaboration with an independent technical institute. Our regranulates and compounds replace virgin resins, thereby realizing emission savings of 83 - 93% CO2e as compared to the same weight of virgin stock. These enormous savings help conserve natural resources and also highlight the importance of recycling on a widespread scale. This trend has been widely recognized by leading consumer goods and automotive manufacturers, many of which specify sustainability as a key criterion for contract awarding to their suppliers.


Ever-more environmentally conscious in their purchases, today's end consumers promote the use of recycled raw materials. Our products are a perfect fit for this increased environmental awareness.


When evaluating our products in CO2e balances, we take into account their complete life cycle starting with plastic scrap transport and going on through to the recycling process and product delivery to the customer. Data collection and evaluation cover even the smallest details and are available for any desired RSH product.