Production Waste Management

RSH can support customers in establishing personalized waste management systems for plastic manufacturing scrap

Certified as waste management professionals since 1997, we make sure that your manufacturing scrap is disposed of properly. Our decades of experience in recycling and processing of various plastics provide the know-how required to create optimum in-house waste management procedures. The procedures used to date by the customer are thoroughly assessed and evaluated. In particularly complex cases, specialists from our Hamburg offices accompany our field representatives to the customer's plant and provide direct on-site support.

Technical advice and assistance can be given concerning in-house scrap collection, consistent type-specific separation, preliminary shredding or other means of volume reduction and/or packaging options. If required, necessary equipment such as skip-loader containers, collection bins, grinding mills, bale presses etc. can be provided as well. Many medium-sized and large companies prioritize safe waste disposal and reprocessing in accordance with modern environmental protection and industrial safety practice. Hygienic, housekeeping and strategic considerations dictate that, once scrap has been generated, it must normally be quickly and reliably removed from the customer's plant. Suitable measures must be taken to ensure that items such as printed films or sheets and defective components cannot be brought back into commercial circulation.

Purchase of Raw Materials

We are always interested in purchasing clean production scrap for use as raw materials for our recycle grades and compounds. Such scrap can include films, sheets, fibers and nonwovens in the form of rolls, bales, briquettes, edge-trim strips, lumps, mouldings, regrind or pellets.

Your advantages

+ Proper disposal of your production scrap

+ Decades of experience

+ Advice and support on-site in your plant

+ Regular, high-volume demand for your clean production scrap