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Recycled Pellets & Recycle-Based Compounds for Packaging Applications

When evaluating recycled resin sources, plastics processors in the packaging and film industries look for constant quality and high availability along with price advantages over virgin resins. 
Like other manufacturers of mass-produced goods, processors in these industries need raw materials with minimum property deviations to ensure smooth operation on production equipment. For this reason, we attach great importance to consistent high quality in the film grades we offer. We offer packaging processors recycle grades and compounds made from clean production scrap as well as recycle grades made from used films. Applications in this sector include carrier bags, refuse sacks, dust covers, crates, packaging film, corner protectors for transported goods and many other products.

Our products for packaging applications

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Tailor-Made Solutions

If you see no product here that meets your specific needs, contact us and specify your requirements. We will be glad to check if we can develop a custom grade for you or if we can offer an alternative standard product.