Our Markets: Consumer Goods

Recycled Pellets & Recycle-Based Compounds

Using Strictly Sourced Raw Materials: Our recycle grades and compounds for consumer goods applications are used in a wide range of products including electric devices, home appliances, furniture, garden items, offices supplies and a variety of other items. 
The raw materials used to manufacture these products must normally satisfy strict requirements regarding origin and purity since the products in their daily use come into direct contact with people. If required by customers, we can certify that their raw materials come exclusively from foods-safe, clearly defined supply sources. We do this using a raw material management system designed specifically for this purpose.
Upon request, we can also provide customers with certification documenting the recycle content in their end products. This can be used for promotional purposes, i.e. to demonstrate their corporate commitment to resource conservation and environmental protection.

Our products for consumer goods applications

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Tailor-Made Solutions

If you see no product here that meets your specific needs, contact us and specify your requirements. We will be glad to check if we can develop a custom grade for you or if we can offer an alternative standard product.