Our Markets: Construction

Recycled Pellets & Recycle-Based Compounds

For the Best in Performance and Durability: The spectrum of products we offer for construction applications is wide-ranging and diverse. In some cases, for instance construction film, the requirements to be fulfilled by the material are relatively simple. In other applications the requirements are very demanding, e.g. products which must pass extensive testing by DIBt or other certifying agencies before end product installation. Our customers' products are often expected to provide decades of reliable field service and therefore must be made from high-quality raw materials. Processors of RSH recycle grades and compounds expect and get consistently high quality they can depend on.

Our products for construction applications

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Tailor-Made Solutions

If you see no product here that meets your specific needs, contact us and specify your requirements. We will be glad to check if we can develop a custom grade for you or if we can offer an alternative standard product.