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High-Quality Recycling Grades For Demanding Applications

We offer our customers in the automotive sector high-quality recycling solutions for challenging applications. Political and industrial leaders agree that large-scale material recycling must be promoted in scope to conserve the Earth's natural resources. A key factor in achieving this goal is increased use of recycled plastics.

The trend to more demanding requirements

In the automotive sector as well, virgin plastics must be replaced by recycled plastics wherever possible. This substitution has already been realized in most vehicle components with less demanding requirements. New applications for recycled plastics are increasingly difficult since they must satisfy substantially higher performance requirements.

Meeting the challenge with high-quality recycle compounds

We meet this challenge head-on, developing RSH compounds specifically to meet the requirements of challenging automotive applications.

Our products for automotive applications

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Tailor-Made Solutions

If you see no product here that meets your specific needs, contact us and specify your requirements. We will be glad to check if we can develop a custom grade for you or if we can offer an alternative standard product.