RSH POLYMERE GmbH focuses on production and trading. In addition to making our own regranulates, compounds and regrinds, RSH also sells and markets a number of granulates and regrinds from other manufacturers. The current annual trading volume is about 30,000 tonnes.

Over the last few decades, RSH has built up a wide network of customers and suppliers in its trading segment. It has long-standing contacts in both directions. Thanks to this excellent network and our experience, we can often quickly and professionally respond to enquiries from customers that go above and beyond our own portfolio. Our range includes off-grades, regranulates and regrinds made by other manufacturers, purging compounds, coex films etc.

The following types of material are sold primarily: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PC/ABS, PA as well as production waste from coex films e.g. PE/PA, PA/EVOH and PET/PE.

Special items/off-grades

With our long-standing contacts to well-known manufacturers of plastic virgin products, RSH has a constantly varying range of special items and off-grades.

We have compiled the technical application data on the majority of our material grades to provide the fastest possible response to the special requirements of our customers. As a result, as soon as suitable material types are available, we can quickly make comparisons and approach our customers directly.


In addition to RSH's own products, also available is an extensive range of regranulates and regrinds from other recycling companies that we have long-standing relationships with.