For more than almost 20 years now, RSH POLYMERE GmbH has offered its services as a toll-contractor in granulating plastics and grinding plastic production waste.

Decades of experience in processing and recycling plastics guarantee fulfilment of the high demands our customers place on quality and purity. We complete the job, fully aware that our customers trust us with a responsible task and will exclusively receive their own material and at the same time the same high yield of material delivered back.

This is of course only achievable due to high levels of tidiness and cleanliness in the plants and systematic production procedures. Another factor is that we constantly train our workforce in quality awareness and foster this mind-set by offering a system of rewards.


Many companies have already been appointing us for a very long time to regranulate or grind their own production waste. The reasons why RSH POLYMERE is asked to do the job are very different. Arguments in our favour could be that companies might lack space, have no, or a lack of technical resources, or employees to carry out the work, too little capacity to granulate themselves, or a lack of experience in this area.

Well-known customers from the whole of Germany come to us when high quality is required. They rely on RSH's in-depth experience and reliability. Toll-contracted orders are carried out according to customers' specifications and to the established quality. The granulates and regrinds are all tested in RSH's labs.


Since 2010 we have been offering toll-compounding on our new twin-screw extruder. You can find more information on compounding here.

Reference customers

Well-known customers nationwide approach us when high quality is required. They trust in RSH's in-depth experience and reliability. We have been working on a toll basis for one of our biggest customers for more than ten years - with a distance of several hundred kilometres between us. LDPE, HDPE, PP and ABS can be processed. Depending on customer preferences, packaging can come in the form of big bags or octabins.

Close partnership with our customers

We have high-tech shredders and regranulating equipment to carry out toll-regranulating. The service is provided both in our Hamburg-Harburg and Garstedt plants. RSH has experienced staff who undergo constant training. Toll-regranulating is carried out according to customer specifications. During the on-going process and after completion, the granulate's quality is compared with the established standards and customers' own key performance indicators. All granulates are tested in RSH labs.

Come and see for yourself

Many of our customers regularly visit our plants to see us at work and some also conduct recurrent customer audits with us during these visits.


We offer a toll grinding service in our Hamburg-Harburg and Garstedt plants. Many companies have been using this service for years. Our customers' motivation in approaching us is similar to toll regranulating. They might have surplus production waste (making space a problem), or have very large or heavy scrap that cannot be grinded with their own equipment, or perhaps they might not even have any mills of their own.