RSH principles

A team spirit

Our company is convinced that successful and long-term collaboration with our customers and suppliers is only possible if based on a spirit of partnership. Creating a win-win situation is the only way of guaranteeing good and enduring partnerships.

Customer focus/satisfaction

High quality products, as well as extensive and reliable services, are essential to fulfilling our customers and suppliers' expectations in the long term. One of our top objectives is to take a customer-driven approach to our day-to-day business.


The future and quality of our products is guaranteed by constantly investing in machinery and lab equipment, optimising production processes, continually developing products and checking processes, as well as training our workforce.


Professionalism and over 50 years' experience, efficiency and employee motivation, as well as excellent relationships with our customers and suppliers lie at the heart of our success. Everything we do is geared towards constancy and sustainability.

Financial stability and freedom

A healthy financial footing is the basis for the company's entrepreneurial freedom and its workforce's ability to take decisions. The diverse nature of our business fields helps to compensate for fluctuations and to grasp opportunities in various markets. We foster future growth thanks to our independence.