RSH POLYMERE GmbH makes its own regranulates exclusively in the Hamburg-Harburg and Garstedt plants. The majority of these are RSH's own standard and special grades which are regularly produced according to established recipes. Another focus lies on making tailor-made regranulates which are developed in close co-operation with customers and according to specifications.

Production capacity

The company has five reprocessing lines (plus compounding equipment) with monthly production capacity of approx. 2,100 tonnes. For years we have specialised in direct processing of clean production waste from the plastics industry. Used, industrial PE films are also processed. However, because these are slightly dirty they need a further cleaning cycle before processing is continued.


Depending on its condition, the material processed in our plants is treated prior to processing. The company has a range of equipment such as shredders, cutting mills, various guillotines for rolls up to a width of 3.30 metres, an agglomerator, equipment for separation, as well as a washer with 2 CENSOR Centrifuge for treating slightly soiled films. Therefore, RSH can accept and process plastic production waste in virtually any state it arrives in.

Regranulates and colour options

In our plant in Hamburg-Harburg, we only make natural-coloured and white regranulates on one production line. The focus is on LDPE and PP plastics. Both extrusion and injection-mould types are produced. Monthly production capacity is about 500 tonnes. About 2/3 of the regranulates made are RSH's own product grades. We are also a toll-contractor, preparing about 1/3 for well-known large customers.

The Garstedt plant (Lower Saxony) has four production lines with monthly granulating capacity of 1,600 tonnes. Only LDPE, HDPE and PP plastics are processed and extrusion and injection moulded grades produced. The colours available range from natural to white to coloured and black. Special colours are also available on request. The regranulates are primarily RSH's own product grades. They can be supplied in big bags, octabins or in silo trucks on request.

All regranulates made by RSH are tested in the lab. We are constantly seeking production-waste suppliers and opportunities as a reprocessing toll-contractor.