Quality control and labs

RSH has a sophisticated quality assurance system to ensure our customers only receive high quality. As a result, each of our production plants in Hamburg and Garstedt has a lab which has one of the most important key functions in both sites.

Both labs have state-of-the-art equipment and are constantly upgraded. Our lab personnel are highly expert and regularly trained.

Purity and product approval

The quality of the materials used is vital when making first-class regranulates and compounds. To ensure this, RSH developed an extensive system of checking incoming goods. All materials are checked for purity and mechanical characteristics before they are forwarded for processing to the production department.

Established recipes

The trend towards increasingly using regranulates and re-compounds in challenging applications, means demands on the materials are growing. The quality of our products is based on compliance with established recipes and checks carried out by in-house labs. All regranulates and compounds made by RSH are tested in our own labs. On request, we can provide product data sheets and certificates of analysis for our regranulates and compounds.

Our labs' testing capabilities

We can carry out the following tests in-house according to the relevant testing standards:

  • MFR (Melt Flow Rate)
  • MVR (Melt Volume Rate)
  • Density
  • Ash content
  • E-modulus (tensile, flexural strength)
  • Yield stress
  • Impact strength
  • Notched impact strength
  • Vicat
  • Shore hardness
  • Light cabinet
  • FTIR spectrometer
  • Lab injection moulding machine


We can also test and assess our regranulates for film applications on lab blown-film equipment.

For any other tests, particularly regarding recycling and compounding, the company has been working for many years with the very well-known lab belonging to Dr. Martina Lehmann, MAKSC GmbH, in Barleben.