1958 Spaldingstraße, Hamburg-Berliner Tor

Photo from the 50s
From left: Walter, Vera and Werner Draak
Key figures:
Workforce: three people (father, son and daughter)
Surface area: 200 m²
Equipment: 1 granulator and 1 circular saw
PP, PMMA, PS and Cellidor (e.g. combs)
Market served: Hamburg and surroundings

1960 Horner Landstraße - Hamburg-Billstedt

Photo from the 50s
Warehouse in Hamburg-Billstedt
Key figures:
Workforce: 12 people
Surface area: 400 m²
Equipment: 4 mills + 1 mobile hammer mill + bale press for banana bags made of PE film
Plastics processed: PS, PC, PE, PP, PVC und Cellidor
Market served: north German region

1962 Kirchgellersen, near Lüneburg

Picture from the 60s - Extruder
Key figures:
Workforce: approx. 15 people
Surface area: approx. 600 m²
Equipment: mills and an extruder with a granulator
Plastics processed: PS, PC, PE and PP in particular
Market served: north German region

1964 Vierhöfener Straße, Garstedt (at the edge of the Lüneburg Heath)

Photo from the 60 - Truck with trailer
Key figures:
Workforce: approx. 70 people
Surface area: approx. 60,000 m²
Equipment: twin- and single-screw extruders, various mills and an agglomerator
Plastics processed: LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PA 6, POM, etc.
Market served: Germany and neighbouring European countries

1991 till the present day RSH POLYMERE GmbH

Key figures:
Workforce: 100 people
Surface area:
HH-Harburg: 15,500 m² (5,500 m² halls)
Garstedt: 83,000 m² (10,000 m² halls)
Bomlitz: 4,250 m² (1,500 m² halls)
Stelle: 1,000 m² halls
The land and buildings are mainly owned by the Draak family.
  • Single-screw extruder and twin-screw for compounding
  • Various mills, an agglomerator
  • Equipment for separating blended plastics
  • A film-washing line with two CENSOR Centrifuge
Plastics processed: LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, PA 6, POM etc.
Market served: Europe and several other countries.
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