HDPE regranulates

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Grades enquiry modification data-sheet natural translucent white grey coloured black special-colours

190° C/
2,16 kg

190° C/
5,0 kg
blow moulding sheets pipes injection-moulding profile
RSH HDPE 5009 E               0,5 - 0,9  
RSH HDPE 5010 E               0,5 - 1    
RSH HDPE 5080 i             5 - 8          

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This information contains approximate values and does not imply assured properties. It does not release buyers from inspecting in-coming goods themselves. Suitability for certain applications must be checked for the case concerned. We can only accept responsibility for suitability if we have explicitly declared so for the application in question.

¹ The table only contains examples of usage; authorisation in each case can only be given by customers checking the application themselves.