Grinding, agglomerating, equipment for separation


RSH POLYMERE GmbH has a separate processing line for grinding various plastic fractions in each of its Hamburg-Harburg and Garstedt plants. Total monthly production capacity in both plants is about 500 tonnes.

The regrinds are usually refined in our own regranulating and compounding sections. A small number of regrinds is also sold.

We can shred a wide range of production waste on our state-of-the-art equipment. We can accept the raw materials in the following forms:

  • as lumps, pipes, sheets, moulded parts of any type etc.

The range of plastic types for grinding include:

  • LDPE, HDPE, PP, mixed polyolefin fractions, PS, ABS, PC/ABS, SAN, ASA, PC, PA and PET.


In our plant in Garstedt, we have a separate production line for agglomerating different plastic fractions. The preparation method here allows particularly lightweight, or thin-walled plastic waste to be densified and therefore in a pourable state for further processing. The agglomerates are used in our own regranulating and compounding sections and offered for sale.

We are looking for the following plastic types for agglomeration: PE, PP, ABS, PS, TPO and others, for example as cuttings, films and nonwovens.

Equipment for separation

In our Garstedt plant, we also have a separate production line for separating slightly soiled or mixed regrinds and granulates. The float/sink method is applied which uses water to separate the mixed or soiled plastics from one another due to their different specific density.

We are constantly looking for mixed regrinds and granulates. Just to give a few examples: HDPE and PP regrind from pipes that might be mixed with PS or PVC, or a PP regrind which is mixed with ABS etc. Regrinds and granulates are also usable that are soiled with a little sand or other unwelcome materials (waste swept up).