Environment / sustainability

Ecology starts at home. In our case it means constantly committing ourselves and our employees to adopting a responsible and environmentally friendly attitude to the way they handle natural resources.

RSH POLYMERE believes it is only natural to make products using the minimum of energy and commodities. Therefore, one of our most important goals is constant reduction in the consumption of the resources concerned. Investments in the latest (and therefore energy-efficient) technology ensure this decrease is achieved. With the same objective in mind, we introduced an energy management system a few years back which is regularly certified by an external auditor.

Recycling plastics is in many ways much better than primary production of plastics and goes hand in hand with a sustainable approach to production and usage. For example, when polyethylene is recycled, up to 70% of CO2 emissions are saved compared to primary production of the same product. The next few pages include information on:

  • Recycling Act
    • Value creation
    • Trading products
    • Climate protection

Regranulates are now no longer interesting to industry for purely business reasons, but also because of:

Nowadays the question is also whether plastics from renewable materials and biologically degradable plastics are less harmful to the environment than plastics from fossil fuels: