Disposal concepts/reliability

If required, RSH will support its customers by drawing up tailor-made disposal concepts for plastic production waste. We have been certified as a specialist waste disposal company since 1997 and guarantee that your production waste will be disposed of properly.

Thanks to decades of experience with the plastic recycling sector and processing various plastics, RSH can advise its customers professionally in organising their own in-house waste disposal procedures. Current processes are looked at and assessed accordingly. Where particularly complex procedures are concerned, RSH sales reps are supported by our specialists from Hamburg locally.


Advice can be given on internal collection of waste, separating it according to type, possibly pre-comminution or compression in another way, choosing the best possible packaging type to providing trough containers, lattice boxes, cutting mills, bale presses etc.


Many medium-sized and large enterprises want to ensure that their waste is properly disposed of, or processed according to European environmental protection and health and safety standards.

Speed and dependability

Partly because of hygiene, appearance or for strategic reasons, clean waste has to leave the customer's premises quickly and reliably. Guarantees must also be given that printed films or faulty parts for example do not re-enter the market.

We can meet all these challenges because we:

  • are a German, family-run company;
  • have our own reprocessing equipment;
  • can draw on 50 years' experience in recycling;
  • have expert waste-disposal certification;
  • are a financially sound business
  • with a business model that takes a long-term view.

With RSH you are on the safe side.