Company profile

RSH POLYMERE GmbH has four plants in Hamburg and Lower Saxony, as well as sales offices in Mainz and Neuss. The company is owned by the Draak family, entrepreneurs who have been active in the plastics industry since 1958.

The company focuses on regranulating and compounding, in grinding, agglomerating and separating plastics. Another business field is buying and selling other manufacturers' granulate resins and regrinds.


Today, RSH has six reprocessing lines, plus various grinding and agglomeration lines and equipment for separating mixed plastic fractions. Our plants' total capacity is 3,400 tonnes per month, with a workforce of about 100. The following materials are used to make regranulates and compounds: films, fibres and nonwovens as rolls, bales, briquettes, edge trims, as well as lumps and moulded parts, or granulates and regrinds purchased elsewhere.

A wide range of LDPE, HDPE and PP regranulates, as well as ABS and PP compounds are also manufactured. In addition to the variety of its own standard grades, the company also works together with its customers to develop recipes for special applications. All regranulates and compounds are constantly tested in our own labs and delivered to plastics processing companies throughout Europe and overseas. Depending on customer preference, products can be delivered in big bags, octabins and silo trucks.

Service-provider & trader

RSH is a toll-contractor in regranulating, compounding and grinding plastics. Renowned moulders have been able to rely on our in-depth experience and reliability for many years. They choose us particularly when high levels of quality are required.

As a trader, we offer virgin products, off-grade material, as well as other companies' regranulates and regrinds. Our product range includes: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PC/ABS, PA, purging compound and others. The company also trades in production waste of coex films (second and third-rate quality) such as PE/PA, PA/EVOH and PET/PE. We usually manage the logistics in line with our customers' requirements. We have been certified as an expert disposal company since 1997.

RSH advises its customers on creating and enhancing tailor-made disposal concepts which it will implement if requested. The company's goal is for organic growth based on long-term relationships to our customers and suppliers, rooted in a spirit of partnership. We have been recognised as a professional and reliable partner in the plastics industry for years due to our own quality standards, our experience, our expertise and our range of services. RSH currently markets more than 60,000 tonnes of plastic per year.